MULTI-STREAM™ Recycling Systems


Handle C&D, MRF, and MSW all on one flexible system.

The all new MULTI-STREAM™ recycling system gives you the flexibility to process different types of material as your incoming waste stream changes.

Perfect for low inbound tonnages of C&D, MRF, MSW, and single stream, the MULTI-STREAM™ can easily adapt to changing materials. Systems can be run using a single “A” line for quick sorting or both an “A” and “B” line for a more refined sort.


  • Material in-feed can be through either a bag opener for municipal waste or to a bypass feeder for C&D and other non-bagged materials.
  • Separation is achieved using GK’s FINGER-SCREEN™ for initial separation, a vibratory fines screen, and through the use of GK’s DE-STONER® Air Classifier.
  • Ferrous separation is also available on the A line, B line, or both.