Why do you like GK?

General Kinematics prides itself in complete customer focus to provide solutions that exceed expectations. Below are just a few of the comments and case studies from our customers on what they like about GK.


“Thanks for the opportunity the GK team gave me for installing the very first side-by-side fingerdeck. I have never installed a finger deck system that works so fast with no counter balance. This deck has the potential of being probably one of the best, if not THE best, fingerdecks I have seen that screens MSW materials. Plus, I had the pleasure of working with some good people from GK.”
– Sean Vasseur, SSJ&P.


“Two of our plants have GK screens running 20 hrs/day, 6 days/week. GK’s robust design has translated into minimal downtime. Our maintenance guys love it. The screens have performed fantastically and are a critical part of our manufacturing process.”
– Rashid Shakir, Dir. of Engineering, American Wood Fibers


“We appreciate all the help that General Kinematics has given us towards designing our reclamation system. All of the pieces are starting to come together and we are very excited to see the final result once we get our system up and running.”
– Brad Moore, Project Manager, Badger Alloys


“We just finished installing our new GK shaker motor… your field service staff did a great job helping us getting them to operate correctly.”
– Joed Baker, Kilgore Flares Co. LLC


“We just received our replacement stabilizers for our non-GK vibratory conveyor. They look stronger than the original ones and the size is perfect.”
– Charles Graves, VAE Nortrak


“I would like to complement your engineering services and production team as to there fine professional work on the oscillating conveyors and replacement pans we recently purchased… they all fit like a glove… wonderful job GK employees… you all should be proud of the craftsmanship that you perform… thanks again!”
– Tom Fitzgerald, Project Engineer Urick Foundry Company


“I have bought numerous units since 2001. GK has great performance and no problems.”
– R. Rodgers, Aisin Automotive Casting, Kentucky


“I wanted to speak about the GK shakers that we have in use. We have used GK shaker units at our Newport, KY, plant for as long as 15 years with little or no problems, with very little maintenance and upkeep. These shakers do so well that most of our shredding plants are now using them, simply because they work every day and perform well in every area we use them in. So, if you ask me how the GK products, are, then I have to say they really work for us. If we ever would upgrade or change any of these shakers, I would want to stay with General Kinematics, because of the low maintenance cost and the service we get when we need it.”
– Arvil Pennington, Plan Operations Manager, River Metals Recycling, Newport, KY


“Thank you for your help in getting our files up to date. As always, GK is there when we need help.”
– David E. Boseley, Sr. Project Engineer, East Jordan Iron Works


“We just received our replacement stabilizers for our non-GK vibratory conveyor. They look stronger than the original ones and the size is perfect.”
– Charles Graves, VAE Nortrak


“On subject of your Company and products and how they have been a part of my career in the Recycling Industry, I would like to say that for over 30 years, the use of General Kinematics equipment has only been overshadowed by one thing… the fine people that work for your organization. Since my experience spans several generations of the GK family, and many different product lines and industry applications, I feel the common traits apply to all….superior design and application of quality products by sincerely helpful people I am proud to call friends.General Kinematics should be proud of the positive effect they have had on the Industry and the companies that have benefited from the use of their products”
– Dennis Ciccotelli, Steinert US


“The new GK conveyor installed is performing to our expectations. We are extrememly pleased with it’s operation. Thanks again for your help.”
– John Vinson, Maintenance Superintendent, American Ref-Fuel


“With our new GK unit we have been able to focus our maintenance attention on other pieces of equipment. Prior to installing the GK unit, we were working daily on our under shredder vibrator, now we just turn it on and it works every-time. We have processed more than 1 million tons with our shredder and have yet to do any required work on our GK under shredder oscillator. We really like the reliability of this unit and the low maintenance requirements.”
– Rusty Manning, Riverside Engineering, Inc.


“General Kinematics has continued to prove their superiority in vibratory conveying systems. GK continues to strive for the highest quality, service, cost and lead time… there is no better option than a GK vibratory conveyor.”
– G. Degenhart – Asst. Manager Engineering, Aisin Automotive Casting, Tennessee

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