General Kinematics uses the power of vibrations to move sand, rocks, food, castings, garbage and all kinds of things from one place to another. The way we do this is to put the material we want to move onto a surface - usually a steel plate - and then we make the plate vibrate. The direction of the vibration is very important. Usually, we vibrate the plate in a diagonal direction as seen in the image below. We are basically "throwing" the particles over and over in a series of short "hops". Each "hop" moves the material a little bit more in one direction. The more hops we perform, the farther the material moves. The faster we vibrate the material, the faster the material moves. We can also control the "size" of the hops.

You can use the slider bars to adjust the size and speed of the hops to see what happens. Note that if you make the hop size very small, the material will stop moving.

Size of the hops:

Speed of the hops