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Die Casting Scrap Solutions

Vibratory Die Cast Scrap Removal Solutions

The use of GK’s vibratory conveyors and feeders in gating and riser removal/transfer conveyance has given diecasting facilities the advantage and flexibility over fork trucks with tote boxes, rubber belts, and steel pan apron conveyors. Our scrap solutions are scalable and allow for multiple configurations. Learn about each piece of diecasting equipment below and discover why leading die casters are turning to vibratory equipment solutions!

V-TROUGH® – Vibratory Inclined Conveyors

General Kinematics V-TROUGH® inclined conveyors are designed to elevate your product without the inherent problems found with metal belts and other elevating products. The V-TROUGH® is based on GK’s proven conveyor designs, with unique features like our PARA-MOUNT II® vibratory drive system and is available in various balancing options to best suit your process.



The General Kinematics TRENCHVEYOR™ vibratory trench mounted conveyor is designed to reduce pit size and maintenance hassles. All machinery is located above the vibratory pan, with drive components mounted above the floor for easy access. Each TRENCHVEYOR™ vibratory conveyor is custom designed to fit your application, with options such as non-stick or abrasion resistant replaceable liners. The TRENCHVEYOR™ can also be designed to incline or decline, adding flexibility to your process layout.


TWO-WAY™ Vibratory Feeders

TWO-WAY™ feeders from General Kinematics open up a wide range of process possibilities. The TWO-WAY™ bi-directional conveyance allows you to alternate material flow for multi-directional product processing, for rejection of bad product, or any other process which may require multi-directional conveyance from a single unit. The units completely horizontal stroke shuffles material with no impact and a significant reduction in noise. Available in straight and all new bi-directional curved designs.


PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders

Proven performance and maintenance-free operation make PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders the first choice in vibrating feeders for the most demanding applications. Offering increased feed capacity, lower energy costs, and exceptional reliability and ease of maintainability.

Additional Information

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