Scrap Processing Solutions

General Kinematics provides advanced scrap processing solutions for metals recovery. GK equipment is designed to maximize separation, recovery, and environmental sustainability.

When it comes to scrap recycling equipment, General Kinematics Scrap Processing Solutions just keep going. From the rugged design of the UMO for extreme impacts, surges, and large capacities to the turbocharged high-stroke feeder for enhanced performance in optical sorting technology, GK’s vibratory equipment is capable of handling incredible surges and demands while running reliably and continually for years.

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    Under Mill Oscillators

    As the first piece of equipment following the shredder, an Under Mill Oscillator (UMO) is an integral machine that is required to be dependable, reliable and rugged enough to handle […]

    Drum Magnet Feeders & Conveyors

    General Kinematics Drum Magnet Feeders and Conveyors are designed for the most challenging applications. GK’s Two-Mass Vibratory Feeders dynamically compensate for surge loadings to provide uniform feed to the drum magnet. […]

    GK’s High Stroke Vibrating Feeder

    Cutting edge vibratory technology for enhanced material presentation Challenged by our customers to do more within a limited footprint, General Kinematics developed the High Stroke Feeder (HSF) to create separation, improve […]

    ASR Metering Feeder

    Re-feed your ASR downstream with General Kinematics’ ASR Metering Feeder. Extra large capacity allows maximum resonance time between loads. Flared trough, deep sides and a controlled discharge allow batch metering capabilities to […]

    ASR Drying Solutions

    Do you wish your ASR were dryer? Current technologies are set up to maximize metals recovery in ASR, with the exception of the fines fraction where the majority of moisture […]

    Mixed Metal Sorting Systems

    General Kinematics Mixed Metal Sorting Systems incorporates a tote dumper and vibratory metering feeder working in conjunction with a sorting conveyor. GK’s patented Flat Stroke Sorting Conveyor, reduces worker fatigue […]

    LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading Systems

    Minimization of empty container space is important to maximize your profitability of each container load. GK’s LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading System allows you to maximize the shipping weight of your container […]

    PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders

    Proven performance and maintenance free operation make PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders the first choice in vibratory feeders for the most demanding applications. PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders in either fixed or […]

    Shear Take-Away Conveyors

    General Kinematics Shear Take-Away Conveyors are specifically designed to handle the severe conditions found underneath shears in scrap processing operations. Heavy-duty wear resistant troughs handle the impact of falling material […]

    VIBRA-DRUM® Double Barrel Grinding Drum

    The GK VIBRA-DRUM® Double Barrel Grinding Drum is an energy-efficient, vibratory drum capable of breaking down materials more effectively. This innovative design is capable of processing more material for less […]

    ASR VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills

    ASR VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills are proven in dozens of milling applications and are the latest enhancement process for ASR recovery. The unique grinding action reduces the non-metallic minerals to enhance […]

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