Packaging and Shipping Equipment

General Kinematics offers industrial shipping and packaging machinery to suit wide and varied operational and logistical needs of many types of organizations. From densification of small pallets to entire over the road trailers, GK uses vibration to maximize the volume of the container you are filling. And when it is time to get the material back out, GK can help with that too. Maximize your material handling with GK’s industrial packaging equipment and shipping machinery.

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    LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading Systems

    Minimization of empty container space is important to maximize your profitability of each container load. GK’s LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading Systems allows you to maximize the shipping weight of your container from back […]

    VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breakers

    The General Kinematics VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breakers breaks up settled material through vibratory activation. From a single bag to an entire pallet of material, the VIBRA-BUSTER™ energizes material to separate clumps […]

    VIBRA-PACK® Shipping Container Densifier

    The VIBRA-PACK® fills the full volume of your bulk containers to: Move bigger payloads. Use fewer containers per order. Dramatically reduce total shipping costs.   Features: Attaches directly to container […]

    Vibratory Bulk Bag Dischargers / Conditioners

    General Kinematics Bulk Bag Dischargers / Conditioners help unload stubborn or settled product from bulk bags. Utilizing vibratory action, material is excited to dislodge and break apart clumps and sticky […]

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