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From micron sized material up to large castings and aggregates, General Kinematics has experience and expertise in solving difficult process challenges. GK’s Technical Center helps you access some of this knowledge base to improve your understanding of what makes General Kinematics technology different than other vibratory equipment suppliers, and expands on the capabilities GK brings to you when you partner with us.

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Density Separation:

Why air is better than water

Vibratory vs. Rotary Drums:

Which is best for you?

Technical Publications:

The Engineering & Mining Journal published an article about GK’s vibratory equipment called: “Putting Destructive Vibratory Energy to Productive Use In Grinding”


Read the article here.

The team at General Kinematics wrote a technical paper about Coppery Recovery from ARD.


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Foundry magazine published an article about our SPIRA-COOL® equipment: “The Challenge of Cooling Castings Without 400 Feet of Conveyors”.


Read the article here.