GK R&D Lab

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GK R&D Lab

One of the best ways to justify investing in new equipment is to know it is going to do the job you need it to do before you purchase it. GK maintains a full inventory of vibratory technology designed to qualify your material prior to purchase.

Lab Highlights

  • Full-time lab staff with decades of product trial experience can quickly determine the best GK technology to improve your process.
  • Option to view qualification runs in person or via private video links on-line.
  • Capability of running small batch runs to full-scale process tests.
  • On-site materials lab for product verification.
  • Demonstrations can also be run at your facility in order to utilize materials from your line.

Learn more about our labs:

Fluid bed Lab:

Small batch test facility allows for quick and accurate calculation of material characteristics and parameters to determine scale up and process air requirements.

Materials Lab:

GK takes a full-service approach to processing your product, including analysis when required. Our materials lab capabilities include wet and dry particle analysis, moisture analysis, microscopic imaging, and more.


Classification / Screening Lab:

Sorting materials is a specialty in the GK lab. If you need to screen, sort, classify, or separate products by size or material type, GK has the technology to achieve your goals.


Foundry Lab:

From casting shakeout to sand and dross reclamation, running your product in the GK Foundry lab will verify the results you are looking to achieve prior to purchase.