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GK Service

Our goal is to provide superior service to our customers that exceed expectations. GK Field Service provides comprehensive support with a veteran service staff, field-proven implementation methodology, and a professional helpdesk. GK Service Technicians have years of experience on all General Kinematics Vibratory products installed worldwide, and they arrive well prepared to help you quickly and efficiently. After all, nobody knows more about a machine than the people who built it. The capabilities of General Kinematics Field Service runs from the simple to the seemingly impossible.

Some of our services offered with a simple phone call:

  • Installation and Startup Assistance
  • Inspection of new equipment already installed
  • Troubleshooting GK vibratory equipment or competitor’s equipment
  • On-Site Vibration Analysis
  • Commissioning of new equipment or system of machinery
  • Process Optimization
  • Minor to Major Rebuild Assistance

If you need on-site assistance – anywhere in the world – just give us a call.

GK Service

Available 24/7/365 around the world.

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General Kinematics supplies vibratory process equipment for many different industries. Each piece is custom designed for specific applications or processes. It is unlikely that any two pieces of equipment are completely identical. Although they may be similar, they often use different components, may perform different operations or processes, and may have different operating characteristics. Since these inherent differences pose a greater challenge for maintenance or engineering personnel to understand and maintain the equipment properly, General Kinematics is proud to offer our customers the following services: