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Rotary Equipment

General Kinematics rotary equipment lines are capable of processing anything from hot castings to waste streams and a variety of things in between. Specifically designed to improve worker safety, GK’s rotary technology is built with our easy, low-maintenance design. Simplified liner and motor replacements remove the headaches associated with other rotary equipment. Find the perfect rotary addition to your process today!

Foundry and Metalcasting Rotary Equipment

From casting and sprue cleaning to shakeout and sand attrition, DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Foundry Drums will meet your specific process objectives.

DUCTA-CLEAN® Rotary Media Drums

Ducta-Clean Rotary Media Drums

DUCTA-SCREEN™ Rotary Shakeouts

Ducta-Screen rotary shakeouts

DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Mills

Ducta-Sprue Rotary sprue cleaner

DUCTA-COOL™ Sand & Casting Cooling Drums

Ducta Cool Rotary Cooler

DUCTA-CLAIM™ Rotary Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimer

Ducta-Claim sand reclaimer lump crusher

Rotary Dross Reclaimers

Rotary Dross Reclaimers

Rotary Dryers

Rotary Dryer

Rotary Sand Screens

Rotary Sand Screens

Recycling Rotary Equipment

Find the perfect rotary equipment for your recycling process.

Rotary Trommel

Rotary trommel

Bulk Processing Rotary Equipment

Find the perfect rotary equipment for your bulk processing system.


Rotary Dryer





Rotary Equipment Components

Component replacement parts for Rotary Equipment.

LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liner


Rotary Drum Bodies

LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners and Bodies

Sprockets, Chains and More


Rotary Drum Forged Wheels and Tires

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