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General Kinematics DURO-DECK™ Screening media 

GKs DURO-DECK™ panels are available in multiple materials to suit your application and extend service life. Modular design is available in various installation methods, including pin style, snap, tension, and more. Experience the best open area in the industry- start exploring DURO-DECK™ options today.


We understand that no process is the same. Work with us to find the perfect screening solution for your application!

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Protection and Wear Parts

Wear-resistant liners can extend equipment life, reduce noise pollution, or even help process sticky materials.

What are screens in mining?

Ore is extracted from large deposits under the ground in the mining process. Once the ore is retrieved, removing ore from the targeted precious metal or mineral begins. 

Process screens are used to separate the ore by size in this mining industry. Ore is often crushed in a large mill before traveling over the industrial screen, which agitates the material to allow smaller particles to fall through rubber decks or wire mesh with varying opening sizes to sort the ore for further processing. 


What is screening media? 

Screening Media refers to the panels, decks, or other interchangeable parts used within a machine to classify materials (aggregate, minerals, powders, and more) by size. The type of screening media is determined by the application and sizing of the desired end product. General Kinematics provides a wide variety of screening media to fit mining screening in every application. Whether you are looking for rubber decks, polyurethane decks, or wire screens, GK has the screening media to suit your mining screen and installation method.