GK Industrial Recycling Equipment & Recycling Machines

More and more counties, cities, corporations, and individuals are finding the value in the collection and recovery of renewable resources through recycling machines, but what do you do once you collect all this material?


General Kinematics can help you get started in efficiently recovering recyclable materials through our proven vibratory, mechanical, optical, and manual sorting systems and equipment, designed to quickly divert valuable material from waste.


For the best in recycling recovery equipment, look no further than GK Industrial Recycling.

As new process and environmental challenges emerge, GK is uniquely positioned to help you create new solutions to solve the most difficult process problems, and increase your overall recovery rate.


General Kinematics has pioneered the application of vibratory separation through products such as our FINGER-SCREEN™ and DE-STONER® Air Classifier, both which efficiently sort and separate recyclables using low energy and low labor requirements.


GK also designs complete systems for material recovery, or will work with your system provider to supply our proven vibratory sorting solutions to increase your sorting efficiency.

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