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VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler

VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler / Conditioner

VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler / Conditioner

Product Description:

Uniquely flexible for a wide range of continuous processing needs, GK’s VIBRA-FIN™ indirect sand cooling units are ideally used for heating, cooling, or drying foundry sand or other free flowing bulk materials. VIBRA-FIN™ sand coolers are available in a variety of configurations, and utilize vibratory agitation while passing a cooling medium through the material bed to indirectly absorb and dissipate heat.



  • Cool continuous hot material flow streams indirectly with counter flow cooling medium beneath the material conveying surface.
  • Cool dusty, oxygen sensitive or hygroscopic materials in a sealed and controlled environment.
  • Stainless steel, abrasion resistant and other construction options for contact materials.
  • Dynamic balancing and Isolation available for above grade installations.
  • Variable flow rate option to modulate residence time where required.
  • Sealed feed and discharge connections eliminate the need for dust collection.
  • Once through or recirculation of the cooling medium.
  • Cooling Towers and Refrigeration available for recirculated cooling medium.
  • Totally enclosed heat exchanger for continuous processing.
  • Easy to maintain – self cleaning design.
  • Optional hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic shut-off or flow control gates.
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