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Equipment Maintenance Seminars

If you want to hear firsthand the best way to maintain your vibratory equipment, then a General Kinematics Vibratory Equipment Maintenance Seminar is for you. This on-site training will teach your maintenance staff the proper way to maintain vibratory equipment. Topics covered typically include:

  • Training conducted at your location (can also be combined with a paid inspection)
  • Proper Maintenance Guidance/Procedures
  • How to detect and repair problems with your equipment
  • Operator Training
  • Inspection/troubleshooting of Non-GK Vibratory equipment
  • Basic vibratory theory and how it relates to the vibratory equipment at your facility

Each on-site training presentation is tailored to meet the needs of your facility. As part of our visit and to customize our presentation, we review your installed equipment, current and past inspection reports, and address any specific concerns you may have.

The Best Technicians in the Industry

General Kinematics number one priority is assuring that our machinery meets our customers’ expectations. All our Field Service Representatives are uniquely qualified to provide technical assistance with your vibratory and rotary equipment. The entire GK Service team receives on-going specialized training in:

  • Vibration Theory
  • Machine Tuning
  • Failure Analysis
  • Health and Safety
  • Vibratory Equipment Modification Assistance
  • Vibration Inspection and Analysis