Fiberglass Slats / Springs for Non-GK Equipment


GK can custom make fiberglass slats for most brands of vibratory equipment. Kits include slats, spacers, and hardware. Contact us with specific dimensions and quantities for a quote.

Reference part numbers for non-GK equipment:

Below are just a few sizes of vibratory slats that we can supply to repair your existing non-GK machine. Don’t see a slat that matches your dimensions? Give us a call, and we can custom cut a slat to meet your requirements.

CompanyPart NumberLengthThicknessWidth
Allen MachineryD29861139″1/4″3″
Carrier2002210 1/2″1/4″5 1/2″
Carrier2004410 1/2″1/4″5 1/2″
Carrier2052110 1/2″.17″5 1/2″
Carrier20521-A10 1/2″.16″5 1/2″
Carrier20521-AGSame as 20521-A with SYNTHANE Gaskets
Carrier20621-GSame as 20521 with SYNTHANE Gaskets
Carrier2101319″5/16″5 1/2″
Carrier2101919″.43″5 1/2″
Carrier2102019″.43″5 1/2″
Carrier22065Same as 22050 but for high temp
Carrier22195Same as 22194 but for high temp
Carrier22051-ASame as 22051 but with gaskets
Carrier22051-CSame as 22051-B but with gaskets
Carrier22094-ASame as above but with gaskets
Carrier19 1/2″0.4355 1/2″
FMC70017813 3/4″1/4″6″
Jeffrey608551 (LMV)9 1/2″0.225″
Jeffrey609220 (mmv)17 1/2″7/16″5 1/”
Jeffrey609226 (hmv)22″.72″5 1/2″
Machine & Conveyor13″.27″3″
Machine & Conveyor13″.27″2″
Machine & Conveyor7 3/4″1/4″2″