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Glass Cullet Conveyors

Glass Cullet

A glass cullet is a byproduct of waste and discarded products in the production of glass materials. Additionally, a glass cullet refers to glass in the process of recycling. There are uses for cullet glass in construction on roads, in buildings, and cars. Additionally, glass cullets can be transformed into fiberglass for insulation or building needs. Lastly, it can be recycled and made into new jars or bottles. 

Benefits of using glass cullet include reduced energy consumption, and cost associated with new glass production. Additionally, the environmental benefit of recycling glass is a plus! Glass cullet manufacturing and use are highly prevalent in European countries and are slowly gaining popularity in the United States. 

Glass Cullet Conveyors 

Whatever the application or use of the cullet you choose, a highly important step in the process would be to choose a safe and efficient way to transport the cullet throughout your facility. Specifically designed GK Transfer Conveyors for Glass Cullet can be installed in your building either below the floor in a trench style or an elevated position. These allow for quick, safe, and reliable transportation of glass cullets. A benefit of the trench style arrangement is it allows for better space efficiency and ease of use. For example, if the glass is dropped or items are broken, they can easily be swept into the conveyor. Optional liner assemblies include chromium carbide or abrasion resistant (AR), which are designed to withstand the abrasive nature of glass cullet. Other options include water quenching, fines removal, covers, and more to improve the quality of your materials.