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VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Lump Breakers

Shakes, agitates, vibrates, tumbles, and abrades up to 4 foot lumps to minus 20 mesh grain size. Automatically.
The VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Lump Breakers reduce agglomerations, clumps, and lumps in bulk materials. High energy vibration, combined with tumbling action, reduces lumps back to grain size. Once lumps are reduced, additional screening is achieved, allowing for grading of materials by size. Overs can then be collected and reintroduced to eliminate waste.


  • Special vibratory service motors for increased uptime.
  • Various feed options depending on application.
  • High capacity reclamation rates.
  • Simple, open tub design for easy loading.
  • Single jam-proof deck.
  • Provides fines removal.