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Vibratory OCC Screen

The SXS SCREEN™ for OCC can be used to separate OCC in addition to the withstanding contaminated material streams. The higher stroke translates to faster travel rates and more energy into the product to provide better separation and screening. Able to handle concrete, chains and other challenging materials without hesitation, the vibratory SXS SCREEN™ resolves the persistent and costly problems experienced with rotary OCC screens and star screens. The vibratory motion provides size separation without fluffing the material. Available in custom widths and lengths to best fit your throughput and application these screens are a great alternative to star screens and disc screens. The SXS SCREEN™ for OCC is easier and safer to work on in terms of maintenance, cleaning and accessibility.


  • Rugged design, capable of processing contaminated waste streams.
  • Low head room requirements for installation.
  • Custom widths to meet your specific separation requirements.
  • Dependable, energy-saving, natural frequency vibratory drive.
  • Provides size separation without fluffing paper.
  • Less material hang up.
  • Easy deck access.