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Reline your existing drum with GK



No material contacts the main drum body of the DUCTA-SERIES™ rotary drum, so you will not wear holes through the shell of your drum or have to figure out how to get a new drum body installed into your tight foundry line.


GK’s patent-pending rotary drum liner design uses easy to install liner segments which are bolted down during installation and operation. No more tricky pins, falling segment sections, or heavy castings to deal with when it’s time to change liners.


GK’s packaged rotary drum drive system is located on the outside of the rotary drum system at eye level for easy maintenance… no more climbing under the drum to check belts or maintain the drive.


Every part on the DUCTA-SERIES™ rotary drum system is easily accessible and serviceable using standard GK and off the shelf components, making maintenance easy.


The design of GK’s rotary drums lead to improved dust collection and cooling, pulling air through the perforated deck, around the castings, and up through the collection ports. The ambient air wicks away hot air and steam, cooling castings to reduce possible surface defects.


Clear access between the drum body and conveyor allows for cleaning and inspection of both the rotary drum and the media conveyor below, as well as eliminating material jams.

Innovative features. Less maintenance. Awesome Service.

How do you make a product better? You ask the people who are using it. That is exactly what GK did when designing the DUCTA-SERIES line of rotary drums. Easy to service design, liners that don’t require a football team to install, and a total package concept with GK Sales and Service to back you up are just a few of the advantages GK’s DUCTA-SERIES brings to your foundry.

Many styles to best fit your process.

Being an engineered solutions company means we are always looking for different and better ways to improve the equipment going into your process. The same goes with our rotary foundry drums. General Kinematics evaluates your process requirements and installation location, then creates a custom solution ideal for you.

XL Series Rotary Drums

XL Series Rotary Drums

Our lowest maintenance option is the DUCTA-SERIES XL line of rotary drums. These drums separate sand, tramp metal, and/or media from the drum body into a vibratory or belt conveyor located below. This eliminates the need to ever replace your drum body, as no material comes in contact with the shell. It also allows multiple levels of screening and classifying of sand and metallics outside the drum body. Wear areas are easy to access and easy to replace abrasion resistant panels that last and last.

SL Series Rotary Drums

SL Series Rotary Drums

Another option is our DUCTA-SERIES SL line of rotary drums. These drums utilize the inner shell of the drum to convey material back to the inlet sand discharge / media return wheel, but are easier to service than traditional designs. GK’s LOCK-TITE liner system panels are easier to replace, and allow easy access to the area between the liner and the body for quick cleaning and repair. DUCTA-SERIES SL bodies and LOCK-TITE liners are also available as a retrofit for existing rotary drums, so you can upgrade existing installations without completely converting your foundry line.


Both styles of GK DUCTA-SERIES drums utilize GK’s proven LOCK-TITE liner system, our proven fabricated bolt-in liner cartridges that offer long life and easy replacement. Liners are constructed from abrasion resistant materials, including AR 450+ or optional TRI-BRAZE(R) wear plate for significantly longer service life than austempered ductile liner panels.
Each panel is designed to maximize service life and process throughput… no cookie cutter cast panels that only kind of do the job. And unlike those old cast grids, if your process requirements change, you can easily modify LOCK-TITE liners to move, lift, and screen the way you want them to.
Have an existing rotary drum that you want to upgrade to use LOCK-TITE liners? No problem! Many of North America’s leading foundries have already made the switch to GK LOCK-TITE liners, drum bodies, and components to maximize the performance of their existing rotary drums.