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Rotary Drum Drive Conversion

Tired of crawling around in the sand? Can’t easily see the condition of your gearbox, motor, or chain? Sounds like it’s time to upgrade your rotary drum drive system with GK!

GK’s rotary drum drive conversions relocate your existing drive box, motor, and related equipment up off the floor, at eye level, for easy inspection and maintenance. Our all-in-one drive eliminates belts, and is oversized for trouble-free performance. Installation is easy… just remove your old drive, install the new mounting system, hang the chain, and go.

GK can retrofit our drive conversion to most styles of rotary foundry drums. While your machine is down, we can also supply you with the other components you need to optimize your rotary drum performance. From bearings to complete replacement bodies, GK has the rotary parts you need to maximize uptime and shakeout performance.