General Kinematics Plastic / Scotchply / Fiberglass / Steel Slats

General Kinematics Plastic / Scotchply / Fiberglass / Steel Slats

Steel Slats


Product Description:

General Kinematics custom made plastic, scotchply, fiberglass, or steel slats help guide your vibratory machine while providing the vibrating spring rate required to move your machine. Slats are custom engineered for your application, and can be supplied as a stand alone slat or as an entire kit including hardware and spacers.
GK stocks many custom sizes for immediate delivery. If we don’t have it on the shelf, we can custom cut slats to fit your machine dimensions and requirements.


Contact GK for more information about replacement shaker slats for vibratory equipment.



Reference part numbers for non-GK equipment:

CompanyPart NumberLengthThicknessWidth
Allen MachineryD29861139″1/4″3″
Carrier2002210 1/2″1/4″5 1/2″
Carrier2004410 1/2″1/4″5 1/2″
Carrier2052110 1/2″.17″5 1/2″
Carrier20521-A10 1/2″.16″5 1/2″
Carrier20521-AGSame as 20521-A with SYNTHANE Gaskets
Carrier20621-GSame as 20521 with SYNTHANE Gaskets
Carrier2101319″5/16″5 1/2″
Carrier2101919″.43″5 1/2″
Carrier2102019″.43″5 1/2″
Carrier22065Same as 22050 but for high temp
Carrier22195Same as 22194 but for high temp
Carrier22051-ASame as 22051 but with gaskets
Carrier22051-CSame as 22051-B but with gaskets
Carrier22094-ASame as above but with gaskets
Carrier19 1/2″0.4355 1/2″
FMC70017813 3/4″1/4″6″
Jeffrey608551 (LMV)9 1/2″0.225″
Jeffrey609220 (mmv)17 1/2″7/16″5 1/”
Jeffrey609226 (hmv)22″.72″5 1/2″
Machine & Conveyor13″.27″3″
Machine & Conveyor13″.27″2″
Machine & Conveyor7 3/4″1/4″2″




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