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General Kinematics has been active in the EPC (engineering, planning, and construction) space for decades. GK’s extensive engineering experience, combined with our industry knowledge, provides companies with complete systems that maximize profitability while providing a safe and low-maintenance work environment. We have the expertise and resources to build out the system that will deliver on your company’s growing or changing business plan.


Why GK Systems:


Customer Focus: Your success and profitability is our #1 goal. We take pride in the long-term relationships we have with our customers and the support we provide them. 


Accountability: There is never any doubt who is accountable for your money because we manage each detail from beginning to end. The only thing that lasts longer than our systems is our word.


Industry Leading Knowledge: Our system engineers have experience with every application and processing goal. Centuries of combined experience provide a strong foundation of knowledge to tackle even the most unique processing challenge.


Dedicated Project Management: Our system engineers have the expert knowledge and dedication to deliver projects on time and on budget. Backed by an extensive install base including 40,000+ installations in 35 countries, our expertise is unmatched in the industry.


ROI: We know what matters to you. Our project management team will work with you to establish pre and post calculations to measure payback. We also perform specialty calculations to identify level 2 savings related to essential metrics around critical areas, i.e., environmental, health, and safety.



Discovery is the beginning stage of your system project. Our industry experts will explore parameters, materials, and, most importantly, your goals to design a system layout that will exceed your expectations. The deliverables for this stage include but are not limited to system layout design, building requirements, and equipment selection.

System Engineering

After discovery, we get to work understanding your process flows, your throughput requirements, and your project goals. Even from this early stage, we are active in determining what ROI calculations to use to define the project’s viability. Our system engineers ask the right questions and listen to your feedback. With that critical information and their industry knowledge, the fully vetted system is designed.

Technical Review

Designing your system or process upgrade is a team effort. Our industry experts, design engineers, manufacturers, and service technicians are all actively involved in the creation process. With a fully formed concept, we present it to your team. We listen and take in all the necessary feedback to adjust the concept into your final design document.


The GK Systems group partners with a vast network of trusted installation partners around the world. Our installation advisors accompany the installation team on site to confirm that the system is installed according to design specifications and answer any questions your team may have.


Once installation is complete, the GK System Advisor will train your team on startup and operation procedures as well as assist with the initial startup. Once the equipment is running, the GK Field Service team member will perform any final adjustments or fine-tuning steps needed.


Our team members will remain at the installation site after start-up to ensure a smooth transition to your team. We understand that getting used to a new system can take time and remain available for questions, concerns, and training throughout the life of your system.

Foundry System Model
GK recycling system

Turn-key Solutions- GK systems are designed so that each component seamlessly integrates to create a proven process that will maximize your profitability..

Recognized Industry Leader– Decades of foundry process experience and know-how provide us the expertise required to engineer productive, long-lasting, and profitable systems.

Lower Maintenance– GK’s proven material handling technology is FOUNDRY-RATED™ to require lower maintenance while maintaining a longer service life.


Being involved from beginning to end is important because there is never any doubt who is accountable for your investment. We approach projects from both the technical and the business side, meaning all key stakeholders will be satisfied upon completion.


The investment must make sense. We work to identify what problems must be solved and design to exceed that expectation. Our system engineers have the experience to “fill in the blank” because we do this every day.


Allows your team to focus on their jobs. Core corporate functions are not disrupted. Maintains job satisfaction by not adding foreign responsibilities to their workday.

Return on Investment

Pre and post calculations to measure investment. Specialty calculations performed to identify level 2 savings or essential metrics for critical areas, i.e., environmental, health, and safety.