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High Performance Car Shakeout

Engineered for fast cycling, General Kinematics Rail Car Shakeouts are equipped with twin, self-contained vibratory drives mounted on a rigid, reinforced exciter frame. Optimum flow of material with varying characteristics is assured by adjustment of the output force of the drives. Further, drive isolation, independent hammer action, stress relieved construction, and few moving parts contribute to long, trouble-free service.

The car shakeout, suspended from a fixed location or traveling hoist, is lowered into position on the car top and operated intermittently. In accordance with the principle of natural frequency, a low amplitude, high frequency vibratory force produced by the motorized exciter assembly (first mass) is amplified through a rugged coil spring reactor system and transferred to twin impact hammers (second and third masses). These hammers then transmit a series of rapid, high energy vertical impacts directly into the car sides, loosening compacted, sluggish or frozen material and enhancing free-flow through the hopper bottoms.


  • Two-Mass design draws less power; isolates drive system from hammer action.
  • Compact, self contained motorized counter-weight drives for totally sealed drive protection.
  • No belts, sheaves, guards or moving mechanical drive parts exposed to dirt, moisture or accidental damage.
  • Small, un-balanced force greatly reduces “coast-to-stop” time, eliminating cycle delays and need for plugging circuits.
  • Independent impact-hammer action provides more effective loosening force on material.
  • High frequency, low amplitude vibration reduces risk of frame fracture.