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General Kinematics has a long history of applying vibratory science to unique applications. Here are even more equipment solutions utilized by No-Bake Foundries around the world.

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    Compaction Tables

    Lost foam and no bake molding techniques demand superior mold compaction in order to develop casting integrity and maintain profitable production. General Kinematics compaction tables […]

    Sand Classifiers

    General Kinematics sand classifiers sort sand by grain size. Classifiers separate sand by grades, remove dust, and discard waste sand. The remaining “good” sand is […]

    VIBRA-LIFT™ Vibratory Elevator

    General Kinematics VIBRA-LIFT™ vibratory elevator transports granular material vertically in an easy to use, low maintenance vibratory device. With product flow up to 8 tph, […]

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