Slag and Dross Reclamation

Convert waste into usable product.
Slag and dross is a by-product of metalcasting that in many cases is discarded. With General Kinematics, you can now turn that waste stream into valuable, reusable product.

Quench and Cool.
GK’s vibratory quenching conveyors are the original and still the most rugged machine for quenching slag, dross, and castings, and other hot metal and metal by-products. Our new dry slag cooling technology takes this process one step further, cooling slag without direct water contact.

Material Recovery.
General Kinematics solutions for slag and dross reclamation are designed based on the material you are processing. For larger or more difficult material, GK’s DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Reclaimers break down large material into smaller fractions for removal of large metallics. To recover even more metallics, GK’s VIBRA-DRUM® Dross Reclaimers break down material up to 5 times faster than rotary or other types of reclamation devices.

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    VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Batch Sand Reclamation

    Shakes, agitates, vibrates, tumbles, and abrades up to 4 foot lumps to minus 20 mesh grain size. Automatically. The VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Batch Sand Reclamation has […]

    Dry / Wet Slag Cooling Conveyor

    General Kinematics Dry Slag Cooling Conveyor eliminates popcorn slag, slag pans, and apron conveyors. With GK’s Dry Slag System, slag is conveyed, cooled indirectly, and […]

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