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DUCTA-SPRUE® Dross Reclamation Mill

The DUCTA-SPRUE® Dross Reclamation Mill liberates precious metals from slag and dross, quickly recovering your valuable material. Rotary action abrades material to break apart and release slag, dross, and coke from recoverable metals.

The DUCTA-SPRUE® Dross Reclaimer cleans dross deposits for remelting while breaking down other impurities for recycling or disposal. A variety of screening options are available to further separate and classify your product, including continuous screening within the drum, material pre-screening, and post screening magnetic separation to maximize material purity.

DUCTA-SPRUE® utilizes GK’s patent pending liner system, eliminating the maintenance expense and safety concerns present with ductile and other liner systems. Contact a GK Foundry specialist for more information or to schedule your material qualification in GK’s in-house trial facility.


  • DUCTA-SPRUE® screens, cleans, and separates material, reclaiming valuable metallics.
  • Aggressive lifting action separates the dross from metallics for cleaner remelt.
  • Drum utilizes GK’s patent pending liner system to eliminate maintenance expense and headaches.
  • Drums use standard componentry with external mounting locations for ease of access and maintenance.