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DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Foundry Drum

General Kinematics’ DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Foundry Drums have cutting-edge rotary technology to provide a safer, low-maintenance option for any foundry process. From casting and sprue cleaning to shakeout and sand attrition, GK will design a rotary drum that meets your specific process objectives.


CUSTOMIZABLE – GK’s innovative design offers infinite liner configurations, allowing you to optimize your throughput.

SAFETY – DUCTA-SERIES uses positively retained liner cartridges that are easier and safer for your maintenance team to install. Drives are located at eye level.

TWO-YEAR WARRANTY – GK backs all our foundry equipment with a two-year warranty.



  • Classify, separate, crush, and screen sand in one efficient rotary drum.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes to match your process design and throughput.
  • Heavy-Duty construction ensures trouble-free operation for maximum uptime reliability.
  • Installation safe LOCK-TITE Liner System.


DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Mills

• Cleans and tumbles scrap, sprue, and returns

• Removes core sand and other contaminates

• Breaks down certain types of gating, runners, and risers 


DUCTA-CLEAN® Rotary Media Drums

• Breaks down mold package

• Media cleans casting surface from sand and flashing

• Sand is broken down for reuse


DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Slag Mills

• Breaks down large slag chunks

• Recover metals

• Remove contaminates for cleaner recycle


DUCTA-SCREEN® Rotary Shakeouts

• Breaks down mold package

• Sand is broken down for reuse

• Tumbling action separates gating and sprue from castings

DUCTA-SPRUE® Sand Attrition Mill

• Aggressively breaks down sand lumps

• Batch or continuous process

• Screens metal and other contaminants from sand


DUCTA-COOL® Rotary Cooling Drums

• Tumbling action breaks down mold package

• Reduces casting and sand temperatures through evaporative cooling

• Breaks down and blends sand prior to screening