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FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibrating Grizzly Screen

General Kinematics non-blinding FINGER-SCREEN™ Grizzly Screens have proven their highly successful design in a wide range of applications, including those that are prone to hang-ups common to conventional wire mesh screening surfaces. GK finger decks are made of abrasion-resistant steel and are self relieving to drastically improve screen life in comparison to wire-mesh screens. Improve your efficiency and lower your maintenance needs with General Kinematics.

The FINGER-SCREEN™ Grizzly Screen provides a pan component at the feeder that begins to separate the material. Mounted on springs, the feeder is vibrated, causing the material to move along and be sifted as it moves toward the discharge end. The discharge end has a grizzly section with outlets that cause the undersized or finer material to depart before entering your crusher. Scalping the amount and size of the material before it enters the crusher can increase efficiency and decrease wear on your equipment.
GK’s “mine-duty” design means you are buying a heavy-duty screen that will last. Heavy construction, combined with our Two-Mass drive technology, allows for a super strong and efficient vibratory screen that will keep running and running. Combining that with our non-binding FINGER-SCREEN™ technology gives you the ultimate in screening throughput and efficiency.

GK’s Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are available in single or multiple deck designs and can be designed to fit into your existing machines footprint for a seamless transition from old brute force technology to the improved Two-Mass design. The wide variety of screening decks provide improved performance for processing that follows size reduction mills or crushers. Multiple sizing decks are available on a single unit, which allows for versatile usage. The wide range of available screen sizes can be set at various angles to meet your process requirements without losing a beat. Easily separate concrete, coal, or other aggregates to be sorted or removed. Whether you are mining, feeding, screening, or sizing, General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ Grizzly Screens get the job done.


  • FINGER-DECKS offer a non-blinding design compared to wire mesh screens.
  • Optional cascading decks improve screening efficiency.
  • Modular decks are easy to replace.
  • Using a single vibratory motor, there is virtually no maintenance required.
  • Will fit into your existing footprint.
  • Can be set-up to feed into your primary crusher.