GK Two-Mass Advantage



GK Two-Mass Advantage

Less Horsepower, Less Energy, More Throughput.

What is Two-Mass?

Two-Mass refers to a style of vibratory equipment where one mass (an exciter) is used to drive a second mass (trough). The exciter mass typically contains a motor and is connected to a trough using a combination of springs. Combining the two masses and the springs, a responsive sub-resonant system is created which responds to changes in load without dampening performance.







Why Choose Two-Mass Technology?twomasschart

GK’s Two-Mass system requires up to two-thirds less horsepower to achieve the same amount of work as a single mass (brute force) system. This reduction in horsepower significantly reduces energy consumption and related electrical costs. Two-Mass equipment is also more cost effective to maintain, as belts, large motors, and bearings are eliminated. Installing or replacing units is simplified… just set the unit in place, plug it in, and let it work.


Both of these feeders are designed to do the same amount of work, but the two-mass feeder requires only one motor, while the brute force feeder requires two higher horsepower motors.




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