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Foot Mounted Vibratory Motors


Italvibras / Martin Motors
General Kinematics has partnered with Italvibras to bring you the best vibratory motors available in the industry. GK carries a wide selection of MVSI, IM, CD, and CDX Italvibras vibratory shaker motors in stock to keep you up and running. Do you have an older Martin / Italvibras motor that needs a rebuild? GK offers rebuilding services to rejuvinate your existing vibratory motor inventory back to factory specifications.

Invicta Motors
General Kinematics offers a wide selection of Invicta electrical vibrators for use in various vibratory applications and environments. Repair services are also available through GK for Invicta vibratory motors. Contact GK’s Component Part Specialists for more information on motors, repairs, and maintenance.

Italvibras, Martin, and Invicta are trademarks of their respective manufacturers, which are not affiliated with General Kinematics.