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General Kinematics Premium Aluminum Stabilizers / Rocker Leg

Are you looking to improve your vibratory equipment performance? Replacing worn stabilizer legs can be a very effective way of increasing the efficiency of a vibratory unit. Doing so will decrease operating costs and provide you with a positive impact on available uptime and reduce the unexpected downtime of your equipment.

General Kinematics Premium Aluminum Stabilizers / Rocker Legs outlast and outperform other stabilizers. The natural properties of aluminum rapidly conduct heat away from the leg bushing, allowing aluminum legs to run 20 or more degrees cooler than steel fabricated or cast legs. This is important, as the reduced temperature of the aluminum leg is proven to significantly increase the life of the bushing over those found in steel legs. This increased bushing life means more uptime, longer component life, and reduction in repair costs which puts more money to your bottom line. Should the bushings need replacement, GK stabilizer bushings are easily replaceable, extending life and reducing overall maintenance costs.

GK now carries vibratory stabilizer / rocker legs for other brands of vibratory equipment, which are listed in the charts below. Should you have a stabilizer not listed, no problem! Contact your GK parts specialist and we will create a stabilizer for your application that offers improved performance and a longer service life.

Prove it!
How are GK stabilizers better?: Bushing Life Test | Stabilizer Performance Comparison

Customer Testimonials

“We just received our replacement stabilizers for Replacement Stabilizer Rocker Legour non-GK vibratory conveyor. They look stronger than the original ones and the size is perfect.”
– Charles Graves, VAE Nortrak


GK Vibratory Stabilizers

  • Run cooler
  • Increase bushing life
  • Easier to install
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Use replaceable bushings
  • Maintain factory machine warranty


Find your stabilizer below:

Replacement Stabilizers for General Kinematics Equipment

GK Part Number Center length Width
10-01-39-A 11 1/2″ 3 1/4″ 10-01-39-A
10-01-47-A 7 1/2″ 2 1/4″ 10-01-47-A
10-01-3012-A 14″ 6 1/2″ 10-01-3012-A
10-01-3002-A 13″ 8″ 10-01-3002-A
10-01-42-A 14″ 3 1/4″ 10-01-42-A


Replacement Stabilizers for other manufacturers equipment

Part Number
GK Part Number Center Length Width
Carrier 110402 CP10-01-51-A 9 1/2″ 3 1/4″ 110402 stabilizer
Carrier 110406 CP10-01-53-A 15 3/4″ 3 1/4″ 110406 stabilzer leg
Carrier 110407 CP10-01-55-A 15 3/4″ 5 1/2″ 110407 rocker leg
Carrier 110401 CP10-01-57-A 9 1/2″ 5 1/2″ 110401 rocker arm
Carrier 110412 CP10-01-59-A 18 3/4″ 5 1/2″ 110412 stabilizer rocker arm
Conveyor Dynamics DS-1400 10-01-50-A (ductile) 14″ 3 1/4″ 10-01-42-A
Conveyor Dynamics DS-1150 10-01-39-A 11 1/2″ 3 1/4″ 10-01-39-A


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