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Rotary Drum Bodies

Is your current rotary drum body in need of replacement? Is it leaking sand, covered in patches, and no longer round? Sounds like a great time to upgrade your rotary drum with GK’s severe-duty replacement drum bodies!

GK provides complete rotary replacement body assemblies for most brands of rotary equipment. Each rotary assembly is custom engineered to fit your existing drive system and structure. Rotary shells utilize the same long-lasting components as all GK rotary drums, including replaceable forged tires, GK’s LOCK-TITE™ Liners, and abrasion resistant steel construction. Drums can also be designed in smaller bolt together sections to allow easier installation in tight areas, and with replaceable shell liners to eliminate wearing the body all together. Additional components, including new chains, wheels, bearings, and more, are available from GK to assist you in rebuilding your rotary drum system.


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