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Shot Collection and Reclamation Solutions

GK vibrating solutions for shot collection integrate into existing and new shot blast installations to collect, screen, and redistribute shot back into the cleaning system. From shot return conveyors to vibrating screens for separating sprue and sand, GK can supply you with a solution to improve your shot blast system performance.

GK’s shot classifier / reclaimer uses vibratory motion in combination with air classification to effectively clean shot prior to returning it to the blast system. By classifying and separating only “good” shot from broken shot and sand, wheel maintenance and increasing uptime and blast performance.

Shot Conveyor Benefits:

  • Low-horsepower, high efficiency drive system reduces maintenance and energy costs.
  • Low profile design fits into even the most difficult locations.
  • Shot classifier can deliver up to 98% clean shot back into your system to reduce wheel maintenance and wear, increasing casting cleaning performance.