SXS SCREEN® High-Stroke Vibratory Screens


Revolutionary SIDE BY SIDE Recycling Equipment designed for maximum separation.
For the past thirty years, General Kinematics has researched and developed an innovative line of vibratory screens and equipment used throughout the recycling industry. The latest development from the GK R&D Development Team doubles the stroke of a traditional screen, yet with the same low horsepower requirements as all GK vibratory equipment.

The heart of your sorting system
Specifically designed for wet organic, soft or less dense materials traditionally difficult to screen, the SXS SCREEN® High-Stroke Vibratory Screen meets the challenge. The higher stroke translates to faster travel rates and more energy into the product to provide better separation and screening. General Kinematics always looks to improve our equipment to help the resource recovery industry. With this new and innovative SIDE BY SIDE screen, multi-stream processing is now a reality. A great alternative to star screens, disc screens and trommels, the SXS SCREEN® is easier and safer to work in terms of maintenance, cleaning and accessibility.

SXS SCREEN® High-Stroke Vibratory Screen Advantages:

  • Multi-stream capabilities – OCC, MSW, C&I, and/or C&D
  • Capable of processing 50 tons an hour or more of MSW
  • Rugged design for contaminated material streams
  • Low head room requirements for installation
  • Custom widths to meet your specific separation requirements
  • Dependable, energy-saving, natural frequency vibratory drive



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