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VIBRA-CLEAN™ Vibratory Media Drum

The VIBRA-CLEAN™ Vibratory Media Drum is a high-volume mass finishing casting cleaning solution. Parts enter the VIBRA-CLEAN™ Drum and are constantly subjected to a scrubbing action which not only cleans, de-burs, and rounds sharp corners, but also helps to smooth surface imperfections.

The VIBRA-CLEAN™ can be designed to handle any size and shape of parts, and can be integrated with material handling systems including a vibratory parts-media separator with a secondary fines removal deck, as well as a media return conveyor for a complete automatic processing of high production parts. Media selection, retention time, and other factors can be calculated through testing at General Kinematics testing facility.

Contact a GK foundry specialist for more information or to schedule a test.


  • Ideal for surface preparation, de-burring, descaling, scouring, pre-finishing of castings.
  • Designs available for all applications including wet or dry.
  • Castings are rotated in a bed of media which eliminates the damage found in rotary media applications.
  • Castings are “scrubbed” of sand residue.
  • Media does not get jammed in castings.
  • Castings come out cleaner with reduced scrap.