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General Kinematics combines innovative technologies with production process insight and creativity to deliver engineered solutions that enhance your production processes… and provide our customers a competitive advantage. General Kinematics has the expertise and knowledge to respond to your objectives for efficient, dependable processing packages for the processing bulk materials. GK solutions can heat, cool, coat, convey, feed, elevate, agglomerate, grind, and more, all while reducing energy consumption, maintenance, and downtime.


About Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling Industry Overview

The bulk material handling Industry has come a long way in streamlining, optimizing and organizing the process of material handling. Industrial material handling has improved in three areas:

  • Increased efficiency to lower costs
  • Increased safety to lower accident rates
  • Increased capacity to lower the amount of space needed for the equipment

These improvements have occurred throughout the process of moving, storing and protecting bulk materials. The investment needed to purchase bulk material handling equipment has decreased, while return on investment and sustainability has increased.


Vibrating Process Equipment

GK vibrating equipment is able to process bulk material quickly and efficiently, yet it is compact, rugged and safe. This type of industrial bulk material handling equipment uses vibration to move loose material through a feeder, tube, crushing mechanism, or along a conveyor. There are different types of vibrating equipment. The type best suited for your process depend on several factors, including type of material being processed, the rate you need the material to move through the system, and the process you want to impart on the material.

Vibratory conveyors work well for transporting large amounts of material such as coal, sand, ores, food, pharmaceuticals, recycling materials or scrap. Vibrating feeders excel when you need to meter material from one point in the process to the next. Fluid bed processors allow you to change the temperature or characteristics of the material. Vibratory tumbling equipment can be used for cleaning, mixing, agglomerating, coating, or grinding material.


Which one is best for you?

There are many areas where the process of mining coal has been improved. Reclaiming coal is an arduous, expensive process with mixed returns. Advancements in this area have been able to improve the amount of coal in the reclaiming process and streamlined its overall efficiency. The ability to reclaim more coal in silos and barns, as well as more efficient open air storage systems has reduced the energy needed to store and reclaim coal, while increasing its speed of processing and over all coal recovered.

Transportation and set up of coal equipment is another area where coal mining companies have the opportunity to save money. Innovative equipment design can reduce facility and tunnel construction requirements, facility set up, and maintenance. Machines, such as General Kinematics UN-COALER® Activator / Feeder, allow for increased material flow and control, all while reducing tunnel heights and energy consumption.


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