Vibrating Conveyors

General Kinematics’ Vibratory Conveyors have made their reputation in dependability, stability, and longevity. General Kinematics, a world-leading provider of vibratory equipment and design, began with aspirations of creating a better, more reliable vibrating conveyor that would stand up to the test of time in harsh environments. 

From the very beginning, GK engineers have built out these units using feedback from the field, aiming to eliminate processing, maintenance, and safety issues. Since conceptualization, our engineers have not stopped innovating GK conveyors to stay on the cutting edge of material processing technology. Whether you are processing molten, hot castings, or fine combustible powders, General Kinematics has the right conveyor. 

Foundry and Metalcasting Conveyors

Find the perfect conveyor for your foundry or metalcasting process


syncro coil

Shot Collection and Reclamation

blast unload

Sorting Conveyors

sorting conveyor

Spira-flow™ spiral conveyors


Blast Unload Conveyors

Blast Unload Conveyor

Dry Slag Cooling Conveyor

slag conveyor

VIBRA-BELT® Vibratory Belt Conveyor

Vibra Belt

TRENCHVEYOR™ Pit-Mounted Vibratory Conveyors


SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Spiral

Cooling Spiral

V-Trough® Vibratory Inclined Conveyor

v trough

Recycling Conveyors

Find the perfect conveyor for your recycling process

Distribution Conveyor

Distribution Conveyor

Drum Magnet Conveyor

Drum Magnet Feeder

Glass Cullet Conveyor

Glass Cullet

High Energy Transfer Conveyor

High Energy Transfer

Shear Take-Away Conveyors

Shear Takeaway

Bottom Ash Conveyors

Bottom Ash Conveyor

Bulk Processing Conveyors

Find the perfect conveyor for your bulk processing.

Toaster Conveyor

Toaster Conveyor

SYNCRO-COIL® Conveyors

Syncro Coil


Spira-flow Elevator

Vibrating Transfer Conveyor

Transfer Conveyor

Wood Processing Conveyors

Find your perfect wood processing conveyor.

Wood Processing Conveyors

Wood Conveyors

Conveyor Components

Component replacement parts for vibratory conveyors








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