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Vibratory Feeders For Foundry


Feeders for Every Foundry.


Designed for your process.

General Kinematics vibrating feeders are custom engineered to meet your specific process requirements. From casting metering to alloy addition, GK has the right equipment to meter your materials.


  • Two-Mass vibratory drive can be designed with low horsepower foot mounted or double c flange motors.
  • Two-mass, sub-resonant natural frequency design is self-compensating to automatically maintain constant feed rate for varying load and material changes.
  • Significant annual energy savings over brute or direct force designs.
  • Engineered to be low maintenance for continuous uptime.
  • Extra-Heavy duty design withstands heavy parts and abrasive materials.

Two-Mass Advantage.

PARA-MOUNT II® Vibratory feeders utilize GK’s two-mass drive technology, which allows you to do more work with less horsepower. In addition, two-mass feeders do not dampen under load, reducing the chance for a jam up during system upsets. With our Variable Force (VF) wheels, you can fine tune the performance of your machine in process for optimal feed rate.

PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders


Metering Feeders


Vibrating Charge Feeders


Blast Load Feeders


Bi-directional Feeding.

GK’s proven two-way feeders allow you to design your system to flow in multiple directions. This allows you to have multiple process lines or a secondary unload point should something stop your process down the line. GK two-way feeders are available in straight and curved configurations to fit your process or facility layout.

TWO-WAY™ Vibratory Feeders