Cleaning Room Solutions

Fully Integrated Cleaning Room Solutions.

General Kinematics specializes in automation of cleaning room operations. From simple sorting conveyors to fully automated blast handling systems, GK can design a solution to maximize efficiency of the casting cleaning department in your foundry.


General Kinematics blast weighing, metering, and loading solutions create the perfect charge for your blast system. Automated systems can be designed to change elevation, move from one cabinet to the other automatically, and convey in multiple directions for the ultimate in system design flexibility.

Blast Unloading

GK blast unloading solutions reduce casting damage and noise. Conveyors are designed with a variety of materials that dampen sound. Flat stroke drives reduce material bouncing and the associated noise. GK Two-Way feeders allow for bi-directional conveyance of your product stream for multiple sorting lines or reject modes.

Casting Sorting

Patented flat-stroke vibratory conveyor technology from General Kinematics optimizes efficiency while reducing worker fatigue. Flat stroke sorting conveyors can be designed to meet your sorting objectives utilizing multiple lane troughs, discharge chutes, side mounted scrap channels, and much more.

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