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Digital Motion Sensor

You didn’t think GK equipment could get any better… Now with the latest technology from GK – the upgraded Motion Detector Switch – it has. This new Motion Switch Detector is a direct replacement to GK’s mercury switch motion sensors, and is available in two options:

  • Digital Motion Sensor (replaces GK #10-07-166-01)
  • Digital Motion Sensor w/ Mounting Bracket (replaces GK #10-07-166-A-KIT)



  • This Motion Switch Detector is more durable than any previous motion detector
  • Digital accelerometer offers improved sensing and mounting capabilities
  • Increased sensitivity adds the ability to use on higher frequency, lower stroke machines
  • Switch is activated once the threshold is met, and will remain in fault mode (contact closed):
      • until the unit stroke drops below the threshold (contact will open)
      • until the unit is powered down (contact will remain open)
  • New detachable cable can be replaced without removing or replacing the switch itself