Dual Knife DE-STONER® Air Knife Separator

The GK Dual Knife DE-STONER® Air Knife Separator is a fully proven design operating efficiently in many tough separating applications. It is the only dry classifying system capable of handling continuous, high volume production.

The air knife separator is a completely dry system that eliminates water handling and other “wet” system problems, yet can easily handle moist materials.

Vibratory action and high velocity / low pressure air streams fluidize and stratify material according to difference in terminal velocity of particles to remove heavy items such as glass, metallics, stones, dirt, etc.

Make the DE-STONER® air knife separator the heart of your sorting system…

  1. Vibratory action moves material, with high density material settling to the bottom of the trough.
  2. Optional screening section separates smaller particle sizes for more effective recovery.
  3. Air fluidizing section assists in stratifying material.
  4. High velocity, low pressure air stream is directed through material flow.
  5. Material conveys into air stream. Heavier materials fall through air stream to discharge chute.
  6. Marginal density material is caught on adjustable slope plate and falls back into discharge chute.
  7. Acceptable lighter materials are carried beyond plate and travel to product discharge.
  8. Ultra light or thin film materials like paper and plastic film are removed through air exhaust on stationary hood over discharge.


Optional add-on’s  to the air knife separator include GK’s Fluff Knife Upgrade or DE-STONER® Drop-Out Boxes.


Successful separating and classifying applications include:

  • Commingled materials
  • C&D materials
  • Shredded MSW
  • Shredded auto scrap fluff
  • Bio-mass fuel
  • RDF fuel



  • The DE-STONER® Air Knife Separator uses air instead of water to separate heavy product from light product, eliminating the mess and environmental hazards water separation creates.
  • Easily adjustable to obtain varying degrees of separation.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of products.
  • Powerful air knife separator separates material of different density, or of same density with different particle size.
  • Virtually jam-proof. No moving parts in contact with material flow.
  • Low energy demand with low horsepower motor and GK’s proven two-mass design.
  • Fully isolated design minimizes foundation requirements.
  • Heavy-duty, built to last construction.



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