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High Frequency Screen or Feeder

The General Kinematics High-Frequency Screen or Feeder, equipped with patented  Structural Springs, is perfect for any midrange powder and bulk processing application. More robust than conventional screens yet more cost-effective than pricey ultrasonic options, this screen or feeder is perfect for anyone looking to increase quality without increasing cost. In addition, GK’s signature Two-Mass natural frequency design uses less energy than the average brute force model, expanding the savings to your energy bill. Boasting a simplified design, the High-Frequency Screen or Feeder provides a minimal maintenance option that you can set and forget.


  • Screening for particle sizes down to 200 mesh.
  • Dewatering
  • Feeding



  • High-Frequency – fluidizes material to provide better fines screening.
  • Structural Spring – provides greater energy in a smaller footprint. No structure or additional base is needed.
  • Straight-line screening process – overcomes blinding issues or improves screening efficiencies by declining the screen.



  • Ceramics
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Agriculture
  • Minerals
  • Plastics