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GK’s High Stroke Vibrating Feeder

Cutting edge vibratory technology for enhanced material presentation
Challenged by our customers to do more within a limited footprint, General Kinematics developed the High Stroke Feeder (HSF) to create separation, improve on purity / recovery and increase the bottom line. GK’s HSF vibratory feeders improve on the presentation and recovery of various commodities by putting more energy into the material, thereby increasing separation of the various particles. In addition this spreads the materials across the width of the unit thereby resulting in enhanced material presentation for your optical sorter. General Kinematics has redefined the synergy between vibratory feeders and optical sorters.

High Stroke Feeder (HSF) Performance Advantages:

  • High Stroke Creates Separation for Improved Purity
  • Faster Travel Speed = Better Material Separation = Optimal Recovery
  • More Energy Transmitted To the Material
  • Full Width Spread in Shorter Length
  • Lower Initial and Operating Costs
  • Dynamic Response to Negate Surge Loads
  • Up to 2/3 Less HP required to operate


Optional HSF Features:

  • Specifically Engineered For the Industry
  • Optional Balanced Design Base
  • OEM Specific Models
  • Foot, Suspension or Combination Mounted Models
  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel Construction


Case Studies