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LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading Systems

Minimization of empty container space is important to maximize your profitability of each container load. GK’s LOAD-RITE™ Container Loading System allows you to maximize the shipping weight of your container from back to front. Material is directly loaded onto GK’s heavy-duty PARA-MOUNT II® vibratory feeders, and is evenly distributed onto a belt conveyor which is inserted into your container. As the truck slowly pulls forward, the belt continuously feeds the container until it reaches the maximum volume. GK offers systems based on your specific application:

Ferrous Shred:

  • 20’ or 40’ Overseas Containers
  • Fill 45,000 lbs. in under 10 minutes
  • Vibratory Two-Mass Feeder to minimize bridging
  • Metered transition onto high speed belt conveyor
  • Optional belt scale for precise control



  • Heavy-Duty feeder withstands heavy impact.
  • Custom hopper sized to suit bucket loader.
  • Low horsepower design reduces energy requirements.
  • Systems are available in fixed and skid mounted designs.