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PARA-MOUNT II® Vibratory Feeders

Proven performance and maintenance-free operation make PARA-MOUNT II® Vibratory Feeders the first choice in vibratory feeders for the most demanding applications. PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders can be designed using either a fixed or variable force drive, and utilize GK’s proven Two-Mass vibratory drive. This drive increases feed capacity, uses up to 2/3rd’s less energy, and provides exceptional reliability and ease of maintainability.

Modular Construction

For situations in mines and other confined spaces where the existing structure prohibits easy installation of new equipment, GK can design your PARA-MOUNT II feeder using modular construction. In typical feeder installations, rigging and other construction issues equate to a laborious and costly project scope. By using pieces that to fit in tight spaces of 3 feet or less, the General Kinematics PARA-MOUNT II® Modular Vibratory Feeder can be designed to be built in place using fasteners to eliminate the need for any welding.

Totally Enclosed Feeders

For applications where dust containment is crucial, PARA-MOUNT II® Totally Enclosed Feeders eliminate hopper skirts and provide dust-tight installation. Design includes flexible connections, bed depth regulating plate, and inspection doors for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.



  • Two-Mass vibratory drive uses up to 2/3rds less energy than direct drive/brute force feeders.
  • Simple, extra-heavy-duty construction for years of trouble-free service.
  • Two-Mass drive system is self-compensating to automatically maintain constant feed rate for varying load and material changes.
  • Engineered to be low maintenance for continuous uptime.
  • Full enclosed motors (explosion proof available) and other drive components are fully accessible for easy service.