DUCTA-SCREEN™ Rotary Shakeout


The DUCTA-SCREEN™ Rotary Shakeout quickly and efficiently processes molds to separate and remove sand from castings. Sand is broken down, leaves the rotary shell, and is deposited on GK’s vibratory sand take-away conveyor. The removal of sand from the rotary shell allows cooler equipment temperatures, allowing for increased equipment and component life, and reduced casting temperatures.

The DUCTA-SCREEN™ rotary shakeout is an ideal unit for separating castings from flaskless molds. The self-contained unit reduces the noise and improves sand separation from castings and sprue. The action of the rotary shakeout is smooth, yet it efficiently breaks down sand lumps and provides sand suitable for very fine final screening. Standard and custom sizes are available to best suit your application.

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  • GK fabricated liners are easier and safer to replace, and cost up to 75% less than cast grid systems.
  • Patent-pending liner system eliminates compression rings, heavy cast liners, and excessive maintenance costs.
  • Drum shell is not a wear item, saving you considerable maintenance funds and headaches.
  • Drums use easy to source commercially available components.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes to match your process design and throughput.