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V2™ Variable Angle Shakeouts

General Kinematics V2™ Variable Angle Shakeouts allow you to adjust casting retention time with the push of a button. Long lasting components and extra heavy-duty construction offer extended uptime and low maintenance operation.

Direct drive design is simple to maintain and to install. The easy to operate control system of the V2 utilizes vector based measurement to monitor and maintain the proper shakeout angle for your casting type, as well as the ability to adjust travel speed to optimize shakeout time for various casting sizes and shapes. Operator controls can be located anywhere, including inside manipulator cabs, to allow operators to quickly adjust retention time to suit their process requirements.






  • Easy to use operator stations allow quick adjustment of travel rate and retention time.
  • Vibratory drives are easy to service and even easier to replace.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes depending on your application.
  • Multiple units can be placed back to back for the ultimate in casting control.