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VIBRA-CLAIM® Shakeout / Attrition Mill

The VIBRA-CLAIM® Shakeout / Attrition Mill removes and reprocesses sand in one easy to use, easy to clean unit. By combining the high performance of GK’s proven shakeout design with the technologically advanced processing of our VIBRA-CLAIM® sand reclaimer, you can now accomplish all sand separation and reclamation in one efficient step.

The VIBRA-CLAIM® is a highly efficient shakeout and attrition mill that can eliminate the need for larger and more costly equipment. Proven design improves production rates and reduces costs for material handling and new sand. Equally important, the VIBRA-CLAIM® Shakeout / Attrition Mill recovers valuable non-ferrous materials when used in aluminum, bronze, brass and special alloy applications.


  • Vibratory action exposes the casting for removal, breaks down sand and creates the attrition for reclaim sand.
  • Screening of the reclaimed sand provides a grain size material for reuse. #8 and #12 mesh screens provided as standard.
  • Low head-room design does not require pits.
  • Attrition is based on GK’s proven VIBRA-MILL® technology.
  • High-energy Shakeout for increased throughput.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes and throughputs, depending on your sand binder system.
  • Standard Capacities, for Furan Sand: 7.5 TPH, 15 TPH, 27 TPH.