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No-Bake Shakeouts

Designed to handle the world’s largest castings, General Kinematics No-Bake Shakeouts quickly and efficiently remove mold sand from castings. Unique Two-Mass design automatically compensates for varying load conditions, assuring non-dampening shakeout performance. Two-Mass technology allows GK to vibrate huge masses unlike conventional or old style direct drive shakeouts.

General Kinematics No-Bake Shakeouts or Two-Mass Vertical Shakeouts are capable of handling complete loads to 130,000 pounds (60 tons) or more. Used in the wind energy, marine, mining and heavy diesel industries.

No-Bake Shakeouts are dynamically balanced to reduce your foundation loading and prevent transmission of vibratory forces. Shakeout deck designs are custom engineered for your specific product and sand molding type.


  • Extremely low horsepower drives.
  • Easy maintenance of drive components, with extremely quick replaceability.
  • Capable of handling heavy and fragile castings.
  • Maximum sand separating efficiency.
  • Driven with proprietary sealed vibratory motors.
  • GK’s No-Bake Shakeouts eliminate the need for V-belts, pivoted motor bases, couplings, and large and expensive bearings.
  • Drive is mounted on a separate exciter mass, completely isolated from the high-intensity impact action of the shakeout deck.


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