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SYNCRO-SHEAR® Vibratory Conveyors

General Kinematics Under Mill Oscillators are specifically designed to handle the severe conditions found underneath auto-shredders and other abusive applications. Heavy-duty wear resistant troughs handle the impact of falling material while the exclusive General Kinematics SYNCRO-SHEAR® drive is designed to handle the force of even the largest explosions without damage to the conveyor.

General Kinematics super heavy-duty Under Mill Oscillators are designed to take the abuse of explosions and heavy impacts found under auto and other types of shredders. Decks are made of wear plate for long life, and drives are located in the rear of the unit for easy maintenance.


  • Energy saving low horsepower drive reduces operating costs.
  • Rigid bumper system to prevent over-stroke of trough due to overloading, explosions, or heavy impacts.
  • SYNCRO-SHEAR® spring system eliminates issues found with coil springs in this application.
  • Long lasting wearplate troughs.
  • Rear mounted drive for easy maintenance access.